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13 "Theories" About What's Actually Going Down In This Drake Vine

He went from 0 to 100 real quick.

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Over the weekend, this Vine of Drake running into a DC nightclub started floating around the Internet without much context.

Despite rumors of getting into a fight with Tyga, everyone came up with their own theories:

1. Maybe Drake just wanted to demonstrate what "0 to 100 real quick" actually looks like.

2. Or he really, really needed to use the bathroom.

via @Missinfo

3. Because he found out his soy latte actually had 2% milk.

via @Missinfo

4. It's also possible Drake heard someone wasn't tipping as much as they should be.

5. Even worse, maybe he heard Nicki Minaj was dancing in the club on someone else's anaconda.

6. Or he was scared that every girl he cares for will find a better man and end up happier in the long run.

7. He could've forgotten to get the number of the girl he was talking to all night.

8. And he just didn't want to sleep alone.


10. Maybe Drake was just like, YOLO.

11. Maybe he heard there was someone inside the club with a broken heart.

12. And he wanted to make sure he was there to pick up the pieces.

13. Or, what's more likely is, he was probably just in the ~ heat of the moment. ~

Perhaps we'll never know.

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