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The New York Mets Pitcher Made A Cameo On Last Week's "Game Of Thrones"

Noah Syndergaard made the perfect Lannister soldier, tbh.

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But at the beginning of the battle, there was a very quick shot of one Lannister soldier New York Mets fans might've recognized: pitcher Noah Syndergaard.


Back in March, it was reported that HBO signed a partnership with the MLB to cross-promote Game of Thrones with 19 Major League Baseball teams.

Syndergaard tweeted about the cameo on Sunday night after the episode aired.

Take that you mean Dothraki #shottotheheart #andyouretoblame

And defended his position as a Lannister soldier.

To my sides defense....they had a FRICKEN DRAGON!!! 🔥🔥🔥 At least I didn't throw behind him.

Mets fans were excited to see him take part in the Game of Thrones action.

.@Noahsyndergaard with the sweet spear toss on GoT

@Noahsyndergaard is officially the coolest player in baseball because of his cameo in Game of Thrones.

@Mets @Noahsyndergaard @GameOfThrones @zacht1306 From Flame Thrower to Spear Thrower... Wonder if the Dragon got him???

Rewatching #GoT. Caught @Noahsyndergaard right before he throws his spear through a Dothraki. Definitely the heater

RIP Noah Lannister.

@Noahsyndergaard Here's a GIF - no repayment of debt necessary

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