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    The 40 Most Adorable Pictures Of President Obama Bonding With Children

    The cool dad America needs and deserves.

    40. The Trick-or-Treat Loving Obama

    39. The "Sit Down Cross Legged And Listen To Me Now, Please" Obama

    38. The Ultimate Fist Bump

    37. The Rainy Day High-Fiving Obama

    36. All Smiles On Deck

    35. Sneaky Obama

    34. The Far Reaching Connection Obama

    33. The "Give Peace a Chance" Combo

    32. The "Literary Minds Of The World Collide" Obama

    31. The Distracted High-Fiver

    30. The Appealing To Future Swing Voters Obama

    29. The Presidential Fist Bump

    28. The Presidential High Five

    27. The Presidential Hand Shake

    26. Cheesin' Obama

    25. "Do Your Homework Or You're Going To Detention" Obama

    24. The Hugger

    23. The Force of Positivity

    22. The Highly Appreciative Obama

    21. The Unconditional Loving Obama

    20. The Sharing is Caring Obama

    19. The Holiday Season Obama

    18. Bowling Captain Obama

    17. "Let's Have a Quiet Moment in Front of The Entire World" Obama

    16. "What is Even Happening?" Obama

    15. The Competitive Obama

    14. Badasses of America Unite

    13. Dandelion-Blowing Obama

    12. The Silliest of Silly Obama

    11. Paternal Obama

    10. The Get Out of Jail Free Obama

    9. Hollywood Obama

    8. Make 'em Jump For Joy Obama

    7. Freeze Tag Obama

    6. Awe-dorable Obama

    5. "Why Won't She Smile?" Obama

    4. Patient Obama

    3. The "Act Out a Children's Book" Obama

    2. Let's Make a Deal Obama

    1. The Magnificently Magnifying Obama