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    The 27 Laziest Dogs Of All Time

    They're an inspiration to us all.

    1. This dog who probably called in sick:

    2. This dog who literally couldn't even put their leg down:

    3. This dog who became one with their pillow:

    4. This dog who couldn't even handle hanging out with a stuffed animal:

    5. This dog who was tired AF:

    6. This dog who couldn't even lift their head to eat a meal:

    7. This dog who was too exhausted to function:

    8. This dog who had enough for one day:

    9. This dog who was like, "Let me try this," but then was like, "Nah":

    10. This dog who basically doubles as a statue:

    11. This dog who could barely even turn over:

    12. These dogs who were taking cues from their owner:

    13. This dog who was so tired they didn't even want to be pet:

    14. These dogs who thought laziness is contagious:

    15. This dog who made their chauffeur drive them around instead of walking:

    16. This dog who knows naps are more important than anything else:

    17. This dog who couldn't keep their eyes open:

    18. This dog who was so glad they didn't have any plans for the night:

    19. This dog who was too lethargic for a proper eye-roll:

    20. This dog who really believes in living the leisurely life:

    21. This dog who showed their owner who really belongs in the bed:

    22. This dog who didn't move for 12 hours straight:

    23. This dog who thought about standing up but ended up changing their mind:

    24. This dog who's Lazy with a capital L:

    25. These dogs who couldn't even:

    26. This dog who couldn't be bothered with anyone else's antics:

    27. This dog who just simply gave up:

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