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The “Gilmore Girls” Executive Producers Wanted Emily To Have A Peaceful Ending

"We wanted that woman to rest," executive producer Daniel Palladino told BuzzFeed News.

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Though Emily eventually quits therapy, she ultimately comes into her own and creates a life for herself outside of her old, traditional world.


In Episode 4, titled "Fall," we see Emily quit her once-beloved D.A.R. and buying a house in Nantucket. She moves there with her maid, Berta, and Berta's whole family, and she also starts volunteering at the local whaling museum. While completely different from her life with Richard, her character does find a sense of peace.

"We never discussed an ending different from the one with [Emily] where she finds peace. And she wasn’t going to find it in her old life," Gilmore Girls executive producer Daniel Palladino told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview.