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    Jul 26, 2016

    The Cast Of "Scandal" Shared Adorable Photos From Their First Table Read Of The Season

    Give us more episodes, please!

    When we left off with the Season 5 finale of Scandal last May, things ended up getting pretty crazy (as per usual).

    ABC / Via Netflix

    Mellie is officially the Republican presidential nominee, Jake is her running mate, Olivia's behind the whole thing, and Cyrus is running alongside Democratic nominee Frankie Vargas as his VP. Not to mention everyone else's usual shenanigans.

    Honestly, we never know what to expect from this show.

    ABC / Via Netflix

    But thankfully, as of yesterday, the cast is back together again and working to bring us Season 6 so we can *FINALLY* see how this is all going to go down.

    Kerry Washington / Via

    It looks like they had their first table read of the season.

    Kerry Washington / Via

    And luckily for us, they loooooove taking pictures together!

    Tony Goldwyn / Via

    Seriously, could they be any cuter?!

    Fitz and Olivia!

    Kerry Washington / Via

    Quinn and Huck!

    Katie Lowes / Via

    Jake and David!

    Joshua Malina / Via

    These guys are ~serious~ cast goals, tbh.

    Joshua Malina / Via

    😍 😍 😍

    Katie Lowes / Via



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