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    Oh My God, There's Going To Be A "Friday Night Lights" Reunion In Texas


    Brace yourselves, Panthers (and Lions) fans, because later this year there's going to be an official Friday Night Lights reunion with the cast and crew.


    The news was announced in a press release for the 2016 ATX Television Festival in Austin, TX.

    In honor of the show's premiere 10 years ago, as well as the 5-year anniversary of the series finale, there's going to be a FNL pep rally on Friday, June 10.

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    And it's all going down...ON Panther Field...IN TEXAS!

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    In 2014, cast members from Friday Night Lights also came together for a panel at the ATX Television Festival.


    Taylor Kitsch, Adrianne Palicki, Derek Phillips, Louanne Stephens, and Katherine Willis all showed up.

    Fans are losing their minds about the news. Rightfully so, to be honest.

    None of the cast has confirmed that they'll be there yet, so we just need to know...

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    ...who's going to show up to Panther Field on that special Friday night??

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