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T-Pain Shot His New Music Video Entirely On A Cell Phone

"It's the age of the 'like' and it's becoming social currency."

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Here's the music video for "Look At Me," premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed:

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Since the song centers around the idea of taking selfies, the music video was shot entirely on an iPhone. Plus, check out those emojis.


"We shot the video in complete darkness with only a few cue points, such as the sparklers in the VIP section scene," T-Pain told BuzzFeed over email. "So we didn't die trying to take a selfie lol."

When asked about why he thinks people like taking selfies, T-Pain responded:

"I think we all need some sense of acceptance and approval from others. It's the age of the 'like' and it's becoming social currency. I could get real deep about this but I'm pretty sure it'll just end up being something about boobs."