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    19 Struggles Of Dating Someone Your Best Friend Hates

    Based on these Whisper confessions.

    1. When your friends stop coming around.

    2. When your relationship hangs in the balance.

    3. When you're afraid your friend will stop being your friend entirely.

    4. When you can't hang out with your BFF and your significant other at the same time.

    5. When you have to make a choice between the two.

    6. And when your friends might not actually be happy with the choice you want to make.

    7. When your friends don't even pretend to like your significant other to be nice.

    8. When you're afraid to celebrate big life events all together.

    9. When you just want everyone to get along.

    10. When your friends make judgment calls before they know the whole truth.

    11. When you can't be in the same room as everyone at the same time.

    12. When you have to be the peacemaker.

    13. When you're unsure if things will ever change.

    14. When you don't want to hear your friends say anything bad about your significant other.

    15. When your feelings get hurt because no one can get along.

    16. When jealousy causes more problems than you need in your life.

    17. When your friends start to treat *you* differently.

    18. When it starts to cause serious stress and anxiety.

    19. When you just want your friends to see why you love your significant other in the first place.

    For more confessions, be sure to check out Whisper.

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