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    Someone Had A "Friends"-Themed Bridal Shower And It Was Awesome

    The One Where Stephanie Gets Married.

    When Lindsay Irvin (an editor at Arkansas Bride) was the maid of honor in her best friend Stephanie's wedding, she decided to throw her a Friends-themed bridal shower.

    "Honestly, looking back on our early years of friendship, I can't recall a time when her TV was on anything else when I was over," Irvin said.

    When Irvin told the other bridesmaids she wanted to do a Friends theme but wasn't sure if it was traditional enough for a bridal shower, they encouraged her to go for it.

    "The ideas just started flowing. I remembered all the weddings in the show and it kind of all fell into place," she said.

    Irvin revolved a lot of the shower around things you could find in Central Perk.

    "Since bridal showers are usually places for pastries and light snacks, a coffee shop theme like Central Perk was perfect," she told BuzzFeed.

    Like these delicious looking Neapolitan cupcakes, which were made by the bride’s sister-in-law.

    And this icing covered bundt cake.

    You can't forget about mismatched coffee mugs.

    The bride's maiden name was Hott, so Irvin used that to label the "hott cocoa" and "hott tea."

    The maid of honor also created her own Friends trivia game with questions based on all of the weddings in the show.

    Irvin's favorite part of the shower was seeing the bride and all of the guests' reactions.

    And the bride loved how much thought went into a party that was perfectly suited for her.

    "As a bridal magazine editor, I love nothing more than seeing brides and their entourages do things that truly reflect their personalities and styles," Irvin said. "Personalizing is how you make these special occasions special."

    "Weddings and their related events are unnecessarily ruled by certain traditions, many of which have lost their luster," the maid of honor explained. "So I encourage my friends and my readers to personalize as much as they can."

    Well done, Lindsay.

    Lindsay Irvin's photos originally appeared on You can learn more about her work at Arkansas Bride and follow her on Twitter.

    You can also take Lindsay's quiz about all of the weddings on Friends.