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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Apr 1, 2016

    Snow White Has A Sister And She's Getting Her Own Disney Movie

    What's good, Rose Red?

    Snow White is one of the most iconic fairytale stories and Disney movies of all time.

    Disney / Via

    But did you know this famous princess also has a sister, Rose Red, who is a character in the original Grimms' fairy tales?


    Well, she does! And now BuzzFeed has learned that Disney is going to make a live-action film titled, you guessed it, Rose Red.

    Disney / Via

    The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the story.

    Apparently, the story will be about what happens when Snow White bites into the poisoned apple and falls into a dangerous, life-threatening sleep. This is when Rose Red will go on a journey alongside the seven dwarfs to save Snow White.

    Disney / Via

    We can't wait to meet you, Rose Red!

    Disney / Via

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