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24 Beautiful Sketches From "The Little Prince" Movie

"Growing up is not the problem. Forgetting is."

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The movie is about a little girl who makes friends with her new neighbor, the Aviator. The Aviator is an older man who introduces the little girl to the story of The Little Prince and helps her learn some important life lessons about growing up.


“The movie needed to be a tribute to the power of the book and about what the book can do in your life,” Mark Osborne, the film’s director, told BuzzFeed.

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“The book was certainly profound and powerful in my life, and I knew that's how it was for so many people," he continued. "Ultimately, the way we told the story became a way to protect the book by saying, 'I’m not making a movie out of the book, I’m making a movie out of the little girl’s interpretation of the book.' It lives in the mind of the reader, and in our case in the movie, The Little Prince lives in the mind of this little girl. It’s like having a conversation with a friend about the book."

Here are 24 beautiful sketches, exclusively on BuzzFeed, from when the film was being created:



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