22 Signs You're The Monica Geller Of Your Friend Group

    I KNOW!

    1. Everyone congregates at your home as the central gathering place to be together.

    2. Because you’re *always* the host(ess).

    3. They feel so comfortable at your place that they even show up when you're not home.

    4. You're the glue that holds everyone together.

    5. In fact, you’re the reason most of your friends even know each other in the first place.

    6. You have a pretty great sense of humor.

    7. And you're not too shy to speak your mind.

    8. Some people might think you’re stubborn, but you know you’re actually just really determined.

    9. You like to be in control and don't think there's anything wrong with that.

    10. At some point, you've dated or hooked up with someone else in your friend group.

    11. And even kept it a secret for a while.

    12. Cleaning up and getting organized is fun.

    13. Competition isn’t a bad thing — it’s a fun game that you never lose.

    14. You have realistic — but meaningful — ideas about love and life.

    15. But can also be kind of a romantic.

    16. You're passionate about your job.

    17. And are really good at taking charge and managing others.

    18. Which makes sense, since you definitely don’t like being told what to do.

    19. You love planning parties and group activities.

    20. Because there's nothing better than spending time with your friends, who are really like your family.

    21. You constantly look out for them and always have their backs.

    22. Since you know love and support are they key ingredients to forever friendships.