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    19 Signs You're Exactly The Same Person As Phoebe Buffay

    "Don't hate. You don't want to put that out in the universe."

    1. You are a ~very~ positive person who strongly believes in good vibes only.

    2. You have a heart of gold and try to be optimistic about the world around you.

    3. You are always the true voice of reason.

    4. Sometimes other people underestimate you, but they should honestly know better.

    5. You're not afraid to be honest and speak your mind...

    6. ...even at the expense of other people's feelings.

    7. You never pretend to be someone you're not or have everything figured out when you don't, even when the truth isn't pretty.

    8. You're quick on your feet and can always think of a witty response.

    9. Your approach to love and dating is pretty realistic.

    10. You're not *always* assertive with your friends, but on the rare occasions that you are...they definitely listen to you.

    11. You have a talent for seeing things as they truly are and acknowledging truths even when others can't see them.

    12. And you have a solid set of principles.

    13. You have very logical and sound reasons for wanting to have a good time.

    14. You have your own individual definitions of what's hot and sexy.

    15. Seriously, you're hilarious.

    16. You're fully aware of your self-worth and how amazing you are.

    17. Your sense of humor is completely unmatched with anyone else you've ever met.

    18. You would do almost anything for your friends as long as it would ensure their happiness.

    19. You truly value your friendships and never let an opportunity pass without letting them know how important they are to you.