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    19 Signs You're Just Like Rory Gilmore

    Where she leads, you probably follow.

    1. Mornings aren't exactly your time to shine.

    2. Until you have some coffee, that is.

    3. OK, your coffee obsession is actually a borderline addiction.

    4. You surround yourself with people who get you.

    5. And who challenge you to be your best self.

    6. You don't have a problem politely reminding people that you don't have time for ignorant nonsense.

    7. It's important to take TV shows, movies, and popular culture seriously.

    8. But not as seriously as you prioritize school, education, and learning.

    9. Love and romance always seems to have a way of finding you.

    10. You're even known to be a bit of a heartbreaker from time to time.

    11. But reading literature is your first love.

    12. It's actually one of your most favorite things to do, period.

    13. And you enjoy introducing people to new books you think they'd like.

    14. You're really, really close to your family.

    15. Because you know they'll always have your back — in good times, and bad.

    16. And you know from your own experience that friends can also be the family you choose for yourself.

    17. You have a pretty good grasp on the inner-workings of culture and society.

    18. But no matter what, you always stay true to yourself.

    19. And never shy away from who you really are.