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    22 Signs You're Definitely Not An Adult Yet

    Procrastinating > productivity.

    1. You still don't own an iron, so if you have wrinkly clothes you either use a hair straightener or nothing at all.

    2. You're not exactly sure where the nearest grocery store is because your Seamless account is so active.

    3. You still want your mom to take care of you when you have a cold and are feeling under the weather.

    4. There's a certain kind of thrill in waiting until the last possible day to pay your bills.

    5. Currently, the most serious relationship in your life is with Netflix.

    6. Your morning alarm is set in 15-minute intervals and you still manage to hit snooze every time.

    7. The extent of your cooking skills stops at the ability to make ramen noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches.

    8. Paying for cable seems like a waste of money when you can stream everything online for free and use someone else's HBO Go log-in.

    9. You put off running errands and doing things you know you have to do because procrastinating is easier than productivity.

    10. Doing the dishes is nothing short of a burden, which is why you have a large supply of paper plates.

    11. You'd rather let a phone call go to voicemail than answer it and deal with reality.

    12. Calling your parents whenever you have a question about how your insurance works or what you should bring to dinner parties is basically second-nature.

    13. When you go out on the weekends, you and your friends don't leave until you close out the bar.

    14. It's not a drunken night out unless you end it by texting one — or all — of your exes.

    15. At some point, you've ordered food after a late night out and ended up falling asleep before it got delivered.

    16. You've been known to go shopping for new socks and underwear instead of doing your laundry.

    17. Student loans feel like a never-ending burden that you'll struggle with forever.

    18. Building your own furniture is a majorly stressful task, but you can't afford to buy anything that's already assembled.

    19. Paying taxes might as well be as confusing as learning another language.

    20. You barely know the difference between a 401(k) and Foursquare.

    21. When you give your friends advice, you end up realizing that you're the one who actually needs to be taking it yourself.

    22. You seriously don't want to grow up, and will avoid it at any cost.