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    17 Signs You're Actually Becoming An Adult

    "It sucks! You're gonna love it."

    1. You're content staying in your pajamas on the weekends instead of going out until the wee hours of the morning.

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    Who wants to be hungover the next morning anyway?

    2. You've learned that our imperfections and unique qualities are what make us all interesting.

    Let's be honest: Sameness is overrated.

    3. And that moving forward is important if you want to continue to grow.

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    Dwelling on the past never leads to anything good.

    4. You start to get excited about fixing things up around your house and taking on DIY projects.

    Be your own handyperson!

    5. And you don't mind cleaning up and organizing things in your apartment as much.

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    Everyone has their own system.

    6. You stop stressing about accomplishing certain things by specific ages.

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    Because you can't always plan your life year by year.

    7. You're less concerned with sugarcoating things when you're giving friends advice.

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    Being the voice of reason isn't always easy.

    8. You've stopped using Seamless as much because now you go grocery shopping every week and actually cook your own meals.

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    Julia Child would be proud.

    9. And have stopped pretending you're going to get to everything on your to-do list.

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    There isn't enough time in the day!

    10. You haven't completely given up on your dreams, but you're also more realistic about your job and salary.

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    Money makes the world go around.

    11. Especially if it's a job that pays well.

    But seriously... Money over everything.

    12. And you genuinely enjoy paying your bills on time.

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    Three cheers for feeling financially responsible.

    13. You don't obsess over tiny crushes the way you used to, and start acting more mature around hot passersby.

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    14. You articulate exactly what you want in your relationships and try your damndest to communicate better.

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    Make it known.

    15. You know the number of people you've dated and have sex with is irrelevant because it's literally just a number.

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    You only live once.

    16. You have confidence and reassurance in what you really want out of life.

    Speak it into existence.

    17. And you realize that even though things won't always be perfect, adulthood isn't actually that scary after all.

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    You can do it!