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Richard Gilmore's Best 19 Quotes From "Gilmore Girls"

"It takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this." In memory of Edward Herrmann, who died on Dec. 31, and played Richard Gilmore in all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.

19. When Richard (Edward Herrmann) had little tolerance for Lorelai's (Lauren Graham) jokes.

18. When he wasn't afraid to ask the tough questions.

17. When he tried to explain his insurance job to his family.

16. When he got a kick out of using Wi-Fi for the first time.

15. When Richard had Lorelai's back and saved her from the worst potential date ever.

14. When he jokingly insisted his mother was going to outlive them all.

13. When Richard met Dean (Jared Padalecki) for the first time and judged how good of a boyfriend he was to Rory (Alexis Bledel).

12. When he talked back to the cops after they showed up at the Gilmore residence.

11. When he promised Emily (Kelly Bishop) he would never leave her under any circumstances.

10. When the Gilmores met Marty (Wayne Wilcox) at a Yale football game and found out more about Richard than they wanted to.

9. When Richard and Emily sang for Rory at her graduation party and he gave his wife some words of encouragement.

8. When Logan (Matt Czuchry) embarrassed Rory in class and Richard participated in some good old-fashioned payback.

7. When he got into a fight with Emily and told her what he thought about her drinking habits.

6. When he introduced Rory to his friends and boasted about her desire to travel.

5. When Rory told her grandfather she'd be attending Yale University.

4. He couldn't wait to brag to all of their family friends.

3. And to teach Rory about the traditions of his alma mater.

2. When he told Lorelai how inspiring she was for creating her own life in Stars Hollow.

1. And how proud he was of his daughter.

Sometimes Richard was even at his best when he didn't say anything at all.

Rest in peace, Edward Herrmann.