16 Reasons People Will Always Love Reading YA Novels At Any Age

    "At the end of the day, YA has always and continues to give me hope." Thanks to the #IReadYA hashtag.

    On May 18, the teen division of Scholastic asked readers on Twitter why they love YA using the #IReadYA hashtag.

    It's #IreadYA week! Celebrate by changing your profile pic! Share why you love YA using #IreadYA & visit http://t.co/eO5rCXf9BU for prizes!

    Here are some of the awesome responses that prove you can love YA at any age:

    1. Because teen's stories matter.

    Books saved me in high school. Stories about teens resonate with me, and they matter. That's why #IreadYA.

    2. Because YA books are some the best books.

    #IreadYA because it's where some of the most interesting stories are being told right now.

    3. And because "fun reading should not be underrated."

    #IreadYA also because annoying literary snobs is a lot of fun, and that kind of fun should not be underrated.

    4. Because we're all still learning.

    #IreadYA because those teen characters are figuring out relationships and friendships and love -- and I'm still learning, too @this_is_teen

    5. Because YA novels have awesome female characters.

    #IreadYA because it takes girls and women more seriously than almost any other story-telling form I'm aware of, and like, FINALLY.

    6. And because women in YA are diverse and nuanced.

    #IReadYA because of the awesome, badass, complicated female characters. @this_is_teen

    7. Because you don't have to be sorry for what you love.

    #IreadYA because I love it, and I'm old enough to know better than to apologize for what I love. :)

    8. Because it helps you find yourself.

    #IreadYA because it took me 28yrs to find labels for myself. TWENTY EIGHT YEARS. And the literature where people are discovering that? YA.

    9. And because there are no rules for a good YA story.

    #IreadYA for the same reasons I write it. No rules except make the story good and accessible to everyone. Also, it's just damn FUN.

    10. Because it pushes boundaries.

    #IreadYA because it dares to push boundaries that need to be pushed. Because it's brave, risk-taking, and real.

    11. Because WHY NOT?

    #IReadYA because I am an adult and can do what I want.

    12. And because YA represents the journeys we all go through at different points in our lives.

    #IreadYA because I'm a work in progress, and YA writing promotes personal growth and journeys. Life is all about the journey @this_is_teen

    13. Because coming-of-age stories are powerful.

    #IreadYA because of first moments - Teen years are the biggest moments for firsts – first kiss, first love, and first heartbreak.

    14. Because they're simply put, good books.

    Self-editing: #ireadYA because a good book is a good book no matter the genre.

    15. And because it's nice a feel connected to something larger than yourself.

    #IReadYA because I am starting to be able to find myself and girls like me there - and I have hope for continued change.

    16. Most importantly, because YA gives us all hope.

    #IReadYA because at the end of the day, YA has always and continues to give me hope.

    Why do you love reading YA? Tell us in the comments.