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23 Reasons March Madness Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Sports fans are about to embark on a long and glorious month.

1. When you're a basketball fan, March Madness is like a dream come true because it lasts for a whole month.

2. Even when there isn't a game on, some kind of analysis or discussion always is.

3. For the next four weeks, it's socially acceptable to make basketball the focus of all your conversations.

4. There are so many conference tournaments to keep track of before "the big dance."

5. On Selection Sunday, it's exciting to see who gets chosen to play and what their seed numbers are.

6. Then you can fill out a bracket and speculate who you think will win it all.

7. It's a great excuse to reunite with your college friends.

8. If your significant other usually gets annoyed with you for watching sports, even they understand how important March Madness is.

9. Sometimes you can even get away with livestreaming games at work.

10. The tournament brings people together in support of their beloved athletes.

11. And of course, everyone loves a good upset.

12. But it's also fun to watch highly ranked teams do well.

13. And all the replays that get featured on SportsCenter.

14. It gives you the chance to pay attention to players you missed during the regular season.

15. And watch the most talented basketball stars of the year really shine.

16. There's so much energy and passion packed onto each court.

17. And not just from the players.

18. You can unapologetically revolve your weekend plans around what games are on.

19. You get a glimpse into real, authentic team camaraderie.

20. And you also witness firsthand who cracks under all the pressure.

21. And watch history unfold before your very eyes.

22. Every second of every game is crucial.

23. When it comes to March Madness, the most important thing of all is that anything is possible.