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    Posted on Feb 3, 2015

    23 Reasons Joey And Chandler Had The Best Love Story On "Friends"

    J-man and Channy forever.

    1. Even though there were plenty of couples, love stories, and friendships on Friends, Joey and Chandler were by far the best duo.

    2. Let's be honest, who was cuter than these two?

    3. They shared a close, tight-knit kinship that some people go their whole lives without experiencing.

    4. And were always there for each other in times of need.

    5. They stood by each other and confronted some of life's toughest moments side by side.

    6. Joey and Chan had the same interests and hobbies.

    7. So they always had a good time together.


    9. They weren't afraid to ~go there~ and have important philosophical conversations.

    10. And they knew each other better than anyone else, even their deepest, darkest secrets.

    11. They traveled the world together and even perfected the art of the *BFF selfie*.

    12. This dynamic duo was the absolute best at showing each other support and encouragement.

    13. And shared important holidays and created happy memories galore.

    14. Joey and Chandler had a special way of understanding one another.

    15. They could basically read each other's minds and finish each other's sentences.

    16. The two of them were always on the same page.

    17. And worked hard at communicating and sharing their feelings.

    18. Joey would go to the ends of the Earth to make Chandler happy.

    19. And Chandler never missed an opportunity to joke with Joey and make him laugh.

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    20. They relied on each other and their strong bond to get through each and every day.

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    21. Essentially, one of them was useless without the other.

    22. They never failed to show one another unconditional love.

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    23. Because, to quote Phoebe, "Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but this is for life."

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