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21 Reasons Colleen Donaghy Was The Absolute Best Character On "30 Rock"


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1. We first met Colleen Donaghy, played by the late Elaine Stritch, in Season 1 of 30 Rock.

2. She was a strong mother to Jack and always gave him tough love.

3. Because that's what families and mothers are for.

4. From her very first appearance, we fell in love with her snarky attitude.

5. And honest approach to life.

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6. Her creative nicknames for Jack were endless.

7. While Colleen was pretty traditional, she was ultimately looking out for everyone's best interests.

8. She didn't have the time or patience for anyone's nonsense.

9. But she did have a tendency to bring out the best in everyone she comes across.

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10. You couldn't pull a fast one on Colleen — there wasn't a mystery she couldn't solve.

11. Even though the holidays weren't free from her brazen temper...

12. She still managed to light up the room with her charisma and wit.

13. She was protective of her relationship with Jack and loved their quality bonding sessions.

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14. But also enjoyed girl talk with Liz whenever she flew into New York for a visit.

15. She was never afraid to say what was on her mind.

16. Or hide who she was and where she came from.

17. Despite her tough exterior, she had a way of touching the other characters in the show.

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18. Colleen Donaghy was truly a one-of-a-kind woman.

19. And was a vigorous force until the very end.

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20. Most importantly, Colleen assured Jack that she'll *always* be with him, no matter what.

21. And in the end, all she really wanted was for him to be happy.

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