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17 Questions Teenagers Have About The Real World

What's it like to actually call and schedule your own appointments?

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We recently asked teenagers in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us questions they might have about adulthood. Here are the results.

1. What's it like being sick without your parents there to help?

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Submitted by abbym45c7fdd51

2. Does everyone live with roommates, like in Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

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Submitted by retrogade

3. What does it feel like to be legally old enough to drink? Does alcohol become more or less enjoyable?

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Submitted by cola1199

4. At what point do I start feeling like I can properly adult? Does something magical happen when I turn 20?

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Submitted by jordangraceg

5. Do people actually have a gift/skill/natural talent, or do you still have to work to develop your "gift" in the world?

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Submitted by anthonysanchezsolis

6. Do you eventually grow out of the "I am barely making it through life, Jesus take the wheel" phase?

MTV / Via

Submitted by sammysaidhi

7. When's the right time to leave your parents' house?

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Submitted by sarahc4f103b257

8. Is it really *that* hard to pursue your dreams? If so, what does it feel like to end up doing something that you hadn't originally dreamed of?

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Submitted by luisat424bb3ba5

9. What are the best and worst parts about living alone?

20th Century Fox / Via

Submitted by abby53101

10. Is it scary or embarrassing when you go somewhere by yourself for the first time when you're used to going with your parents?

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Submitted by annikasminecraft

11. Do you always have the anxiety of having to lock up and make sure everything is secure before you go to sleep or leave for the night, as you did when you were younger?

ABC / Via

Submitted by lexi5sos

12. Is it difficult to make friends without institutional structures like high school and college?

NBC / Via

Submitted by abbym45c7fdd51

13. I'm moving to a new state where I won't know anyone. I am very family-oriented and nervous to leave everything I know behind. Will I become more independent?

ABC / Via

Submitted by juliab4b0475b77

14. How do you balance work and a family?

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Submitted by Rebecca Olsen (Facebook)

15. What's it like to actually call and schedule your own appointments?

Fox / Via

Submitted by Sydnee Andress (Facebook)

16. Is it bad that I want to have children at a young age? How much does a baby limit you?

Nickelodeon / Via

Submitted by Micaela Cortes (Facebook)

17. How does it feel to know that you could walk into Walmart right now and buy an entire cake just for yourself and no one would stop you?

HBO / Via

Submitted by aeloftin

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