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15 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing On Thanksgiving

You know you're not getting any younger, right?

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1. Should we set an extra place for someone special at Thanksgiving dinner?

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2. Are you seeing anyone new?

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3. Have you tried online dating?

4. Isn't there anyone cute you could like at work?


5. Do you even know how to flirt?


6. Do you want us to set you up with someone?

7. Are you *trying* hard enough to meet someone?

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8. Don't you want kids at some point?

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9. You know your biological clock is running out, right?


10. How long ago was your last relationship, again?

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11. Whatever ended up happening to [INSERT EX'S NAME]?

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12. Don't you want to get married someday?


13. Do you want to end up alone?


14. You're so great, how are you still single?!

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15. You know you're not getting any younger, right?

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