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Proof That Drake Was The Cutest Little Boy In The Whole World

End of story.

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Drake posts a lot of #tbt photos on Instagram from when he was growing up.

And they all couldn't be any more freaking adorable.

Look at him riding in a fake boat, scared to death about going overboard.

And the time he held on to his dad with no intentions of letting go.

Don't forget, birthday party high-fives for grandma!

Always spittin' game: "Baby, you're my everything, you're all I ever wanted."

Drizzy liked candy canes and celebrating the holidays with his mom.

And he's repped for the Raptors since back in the day #NoNewTeams.

One year, Drake wore an adorable Ninja Turtle costume for Halloween.

He always had a thing for mics.

And loved chillin' with his parents.

Don't worry, the kid also kept it real.

Because life isn't always rainbows and butterflies.

Same city, same friends, if you're lookin' for him.


When he was that kid in the basement.

Aubrey looks like he was a pretty happy child.

And defined "YOLO" from a young age.

Yep, he was the cutest.

MTV / Via

The. Cutest.

Yours truly, the boy.

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