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    23 Photos That Prove Trey Phillips From "Laguna Beach" Is Still The Best

    It's been 10 years since the MTV reality show premiered, and Trey is still killin' it.

    1. Trey Phillips was always one of Laguna Beach's best original cast members.

    2. And now, 10 years after the show first premiered, he's still as adorable as ever.

    3. You can find Trey on Instagram looking stunning in his suit and tie.

    4. Or taking selfies while he's traveling around the world.

    5. He seems to be remaining pretty true to his high school self.

    6. Trey takes adorable photos with cute animals.

    7. "Sleepin' beauties ova heeeaa," as he put it.

    8. Trey also still hangs out with his hometown bud, Dieter.

    9. Because friendship is forever.

    10. The Laguna Beach-er is seemingly as artsy as he was 10 years ago.

    11. And isn't too shy to display his wide range of emotions.

    12. He's got some pretty good hair.

    13. And a lovely sense of style.

    14. Introspective. As. Fuck.

    15. ~ woah dere ~

    16. Look at that pose.

    17. And that handsome face.

    18. Trey goes to Brooklyn Cyclones games!

    19. Trey has fun in the snow!

    20. Trey chases waterfalls!

    21. What a dapper gentlemen.

    22. Rock on, dude.

    23. We still love ya, Trey.

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