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21 Perfect Reactions To Fireball Whiskey Getting Recalled

Fireball Whiskey is being recalled in parts of Europe because of an antifreeze ingredient. Twitter wasn't happy.

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1. "Uh oh, maybe this is what caused your kidney infection."

2. "This is worse than the Hostess bankruptcy. Naturally I immediately went to CVS to stock up!"

3. "They'll sell us anything...antifreeze, really?"

4. "Death by Fireball Whiskey is not the way to go!"

CBS / Via

via ‏@cfly69

5. "Dear dudes in bars at 2 a.m., this is why we never want to do that shot of Fireball with you."

6. "Oh fuck."


via ‏@DonatoSantos

7. "Now I know why it tastes so good."

NBC / Via

via ‏@TyCurrie

8. "Well there goes our livers."

9. "Not surprising. Fireball is devil's juice."

via ‏@misskirbylandon

10. "Fireball pulled off shelves. I wouldn't care if they pulled that shit off every shelf in the U.S."

NBC / Via

via ‏@MatthewJundy

11. "This just can't be. I won't hear of it."


via ‏@rjgbass

12. "Its truly a sad day...whaaaaa."

Warner Bros. Television / Via

13. "Uh oh, good thing we aren't in Scandinavia."

14. "Looks like we may be without Fireball Whiskey for a while! Head to the store now and stock up before they are all recalled!"


16. "IDK whether to laugh my ass off or cry that shit taste amazing."

17. "Why couldn't it be anything else :( rest in peace my love."

Focus Features / Via

18. "I finally find a Whiskey that I like and it gets recalled?!? Are you kidding me?"

VH1 / Via

19. "'That Fireball Whiskey whispers temptation in my ear'.... Nope, just antifreeze in my body."

NBC / Via

via ‏@taytayshoes

20. "Good to know Fireball Whiskey is out to kill us all. Too bad I'll just keep drinking it."


via ‏@wombold72

21. "Well, shit."

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