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15 People You Unfriended On Facebook This Holiday Season

All of your high school classmates who got engaged, for instance.

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1. Your mom's old roommate and her weird, long-term boyfriend.

2. Your careless, sloppy cousin who needs a little help getting their shit together.

3. Your high school frenemy who only posts updates about her baby.

4. Anyone and everyone that's Year in Review has popped up on your News Feed.

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5. Your old babysitter from years ago who likes to publicly air their dirty laundry.

6. Your co-worker who thinks their jokes are ironic and amusing.

7. Your middle school guidance counselor who forgets to use the comma key.

8. Your college roommate from freshman year who's notorious for over-sharing.

9. Your old classmate from high school who got engaged.

10. Not to mention all the people who support the many recent engagements.

11. Your ex's friend from elementary school who thinks they're much funnier than they actually are.

12. Your best friend's yoga instructor who literally has no filter whatsoever.

13. Your grandma's poker pal who takes the religious aspect of Christmas very seriously.

14. Your friend's little sister and her cheesy family who teases her in public.

15. And your uncle's second wife who divulges way, way too much information.

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