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Everyone Made The Same Joke About The Best Picture Mix-Up At The Oscars

"Best Picture: Paul Blart: Mall Cop."

Last night, the Academy Awards ended in one of the least conventional ways in its history.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

After La La Land was initially announced as the Best Picture winner, it was noted there was a mistake and Moonlight was the actual winner of the night.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz held up the card, correctly showing there had been a mistake and Moonlight was the actual winner.


It didn't take people long to create some hilarious memes out of the moment.

And use it as an opportunity to make some jokes.

Nicki Minaj got brought into the conversation...

wow totally missed this last night did Paul Blart: Mall Cop.


One thing's for sure...

...this year's Oscars were full of moments ready to be meme'd on the internet.

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