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15 Painfully Adorable Vintage Photos Of Drake And His Family

All from his dad, Dennis Graham's, Instagram account.

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1. When he was younger, Dennis Graham (Drake's dad) looked a lot like his now-famous son.

2. And he, too, was quite the ladies man.

3. He especially had an affinity for Sandi Graham, Drake's mom.

4. This is them on their wedding day.

5. Here's a picture of Drake's grandma, his father's mom.

6. And here's a photo of his grandma with his mom while she's pregnant with him.

7. This ~ adorable ~ baby is Drake.

8. "God I remember this like it was yesterday."

9. "This touches my heart."

10. It's clear that Drake comes from a very musical family.

11. * The Real Dennis G on the beat *

12. Here's a photo of Drake's dad that he also got as a tattoo.

13. And here's Dennis back in 1978. Studly.

14. For a while, things were all smiles.

15. Future star, all right.

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