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17 People Who Don't Want To See Another Couple Get Engaged On Facebook

Shut it down.

1. So, it's that time of year again.

When I open Facebook and immediately see seven holiday engagement photos:

2. Yep. THAT TIME.

*goes on Facebook. Sees another engagement*

3. When basically everyone in the world gets engaged.

Every time I get on Facebook and see someone else from high school getting engaged

4. And posts about it on Facebook.

When you see the umpteenth early 20s couple get engaged on Facebook

5. Then you have to bear witness to it all.

Im here like... «@JEB1SE Between instagram and facebook... I see like three couples got engaged today.»

6. All the photos of engagement rings.

On my Facebook feed today someone is in a relationship, someone got engaged, and someone got married. I'm just like..

7. All the status updates about being *ENGAGED*.

This is me while all my facebook friends are getting engaged this season #ILoveFood

8. All the "congratulations" comments on photos of couples kissing.

When I log on to Facebook for 20 seconds and see everyone is engaged or pregnant

9. Even though you're just minding your own business and trying to live your life...

When you see your friends getting engaged on Facebook and you're just trying to stay awake to finish a paper...😂😂😂

10. can't avoid it.

Just watched my cousins wedding video, and scrolling through Facebook seeing my friends engaged/married

11. They're everywhere.

Congrats to the 3256 friends on my Facebook feed that got engaged this weekend. 💍

12. E V E R Y W H E R E.

loool why is everyone on facebook getting engaged??

13. And literally no one wants to see another couple get engaged on Facebook.

so many people on my facebook getting engaged.....

14. We're over it.

everybody on facebook and IG are getting engaged. then there's me:

15. Done.

3 more people I know got engaged yesterday. i cant go on Facebook anymore bc its all engagements, marraige, & babies & im over here like.. 👧

16. Finito.

WHOOPS I forgot to get engaged this Christmas!!! Luckily, everyone on my Facebook did.

17. Because ~some of us~ are too busy living our best lives to see another engagement announcement on Facebook.

When yet another psycho on Facebook gets engaged