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17 New Year’s Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Stay Home Forever

"I got incredibly drunk at a friend's house, went to my ex's apartment, and found him in the shower with a co-worker."

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their worst experiences on New Year's Eve. Here are the frightening results.

1. Submitted by jessc6:

"When I was 22, my friends and I were in this super cheesy club in St. Louis. I excused myself just past midnight to use the restroom. Before I started my hover-squat, I placed my phone on the back of the toilet. Afterward, when I went to grab for my phone, I slipped in something wet and came crashing down, head-butting the toilet and breaking my nose. The matronly bathroom attendant wouldn't let me leave until the bleeding stopped, and to make matters worse, my friends assumed I went home with someone else and left me there! Stranded on the landing with a broken schnozz!"

2. Submitted by Paige James (Facebook):

"I was 13 and I was sitting between my two dogs. My dogs had been fighting since Christmas because they both wanted the other's bone. The second I decided to sit up, one dog made a move to steal a bone and I ended up getting bit in the face. I sat in the backseat of my dad's car with a towel to stop the bleeding while we drove around trying to find a clinic that was open. I celebrated the new year in the ER getting stitches."

3. Submitted by maddieb48df4b28b:

"I was with a couple of my friends and it was about 30 degrees outside. Someone suggested taking a quick jump in the pool, so we changed into our bathing suits and waited until midnight, then just as my lips started to turn blue and my nips were hard as diamonds, we jumped in. It was like swimming in broken glass, it was so cold, and we were dumb enough not to bring our towels outside with us. We just paced around until we were dry enough to walk inside and grab blankets. I also accidentally took a chug of the water when I jumped in and I threw up 11 times."

4. Submitted by gangsterpanda:

"A couple years ago my friends had the bright idea of having a bonfire for New Year's. Long story short, we ended up piss drunk in the woods and had to sleep in a freezing car where I witnessed my best friend both receive and give this guy we all called 'corn dog dick' a blow job."

5. Submitted by Chris Roll (Facebook):

"A bunch of us 16-year-olds got together on New Year's Eve to stay up late, shotgun Mountain Dews, and play video games until our eyes burned out of their sockets. As it approached midnight, one of the guys decided to call it a night while the rest of us stayed up and continued playing video games. Half an hour later, the guy who went to sleep leaped out of bed and screamed frantically, 'SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO KILL ME!' We turned on the light and tried to calm him down, but in his overly caffeinated, nightmare-fueled state, he was convinced that not only did Santa Claus have murderous intentions toward him, but also Santa intended to kill him with leather and whips."

6. Submitted by Colleen Robinson (Facebook):

"I was hanging out with friends and everyone brought a lot of types of booze. To keep from going overboard, I tried to drink just a little of each kind. This worked fine until my friend brought out his Shots Roulette Game. I kept winning, or losing, depending on how you look at it. I vaguely remember being brought home and lying on the recliner with my mom next to me. My most vivid memories are telling my mom that I wasn't quite cognizant and trying to prove to her that I wasn't drunk by naming all of the U.S. presidents in order."

7. Submitted by jessicalynl:

"When I was about 9 I went to a friend's house for New Year's where we had a brief three-person dance party. I was really feeling in my groove and decided to do a pirouette on her carpeted floor. I prepped, did half a turn, and heard a 'thunk' noise come from my foot. I fell to the floor, looked at my maimed foot, and saw that my pinky toe had caught on the thick carpet while I turned; it had broken as a result of the catch. I had to wait until 10:00 that morning when my mom came to pick me up to go to a walk-in clinic and have them set and tape it."

8. Submitted by Maria Werner Brejner (Facebook):

"I woke up and the dog had taken a big shit on my blanket in bed. She was too doped from the tranquilizers she had to have because she's afraid of the fireworks. Luckily, only the blanket had poop on it and I hadn't rolled in it or touched it. So I just picked up the poop, threw it out, and changed the blanket."

9. Submitted by kateb47a2cf44a:

"I showed up to a party at my friend's house late after a dinner with my parents. Everyone was passed out drunk except for my boyfriend and his brother, who were in a full-on brawl with each other. I had to attempt to break them up because no one else would wake up to help and I ended up getting punched in the face. I was the only sober one there and I ended up with a bruise the size of Texas to commemorate the shittiest New Year ever. They didn't even remember in the morning and they were back to being best friends."

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10. Submitted by Britt Bryn Kapec (Facebook):

"One New Year's Eve I had plans to have a debaucherous night of drinking with my new boyfriend. All was well until about 11:15 p.m. when I felt a sudden urge to puke. I went to the bathroom to let it all out and returned to the party. Nothing was going to stop me from our first New Year's kiss, or so I thought. I felt great until about the stroke of midnight when everything that had previously been in my digestive tract decided to come back out, violently. My new boyfriend had to escort me back to his place where I spent the rest of the night making use of his closely spaced toilet and sink."

11. Submitted by Ed Pikajew Kazyanskaya (Facebook):

"My family took a week-long trip to a resort in the Dominican Republic and we met another Russian family with a daughter approximately my age. During our awkward alone time, we stumbled upon a set of British fraternal opposite-gender twins our age and hit it off with them. Over the course of the vacation, the Russian girl and British guy started having a vacation fling, leaving me and the sister to spend a lot of time together. She kept saying how I was the sweetest and funniest guy she ever met. On New Year's Eve we made plans to meet up, and by 11:00 p.m. the other two found a nice place to make out and left me alone. I went searching for the sister, hoping for my first New Year's kiss. At around 12:15 I found her giving a blow job to the bartender on a beach chair."

12. Submitted by Hannah Wenck (Facebook):

"Last year my boyfriend was deployed and while his friends were having a party I felt like going without him would make me a depressed drunk mess, so I spent the night with my parents. We went to a Chinese buffet that looked more like a West Virginian truck stop. The food was the epitome of mystery meat. And the atmosphere was filled with the sounds of crying babies. I went to bed at 9:00 p.m. praying for the shit year to end already."

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13. Andrea Talton Cassidy (Facebook):

"I got incredibly drunk at a friend's house, went to my recent ex's apartment, banged on the door, broke the chain, and found him in the shower with a co-worker. I found out because she turned off the water when he ran out to find me drunkenly bawling in his living room. He ended up being a huge loser and I'm glad it ended when it did, just not how it did."

14. Submitted by melissap462fdaa17:

"I went bar hopping in my hometown with friends and wanted to go home a little after midnight. We started walking through downtown at 1:00 in the morning, hoping we'd find a taxi. After about a mile, my shoes became unbearable and I thought it'd be best to just go barefoot. I needed to pee and after 10 minutes we found a few gas stations, but I guess we looked shady (we were barefoot and drunk), so no one would let us use the bathroom. I couldn't wait any longer and went behind a building. As soon as I stood up I looked over; there was a homeless man trying to sleep 10 feet away from my pee stream. We finally made it back after about two hours of walking, with massive blisters on my feet."

15. Submitted by kevynm3:

"On the first New Year's I spent with my boyfriend, one of his exes showed up to the party and completely killed the vibe. Not only did I get a condom stuck behind my cervix while she listened to us have drunken sex from the hallway, she also had a threesome with his brother and her girlfriend. Then she had the audacity to ask for a ride home in the morning."

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16. Submitted by maevec2:

"It's Russian tradition to write a wish on a tissue, light it on fire, drop the lit tissue in champagne, and then drink the champagne, which you have to do within a minute after midnight or else your wish won't come true. One year my tissue burned too quickly and burned my finger, so I dropped the tissue and burned the corner off the carpet. I started the new year with a swollen finger and my mom yelling at me for ruining her carpet, not to mention how embarrassed I was for not completing such a simple task, especially since it was the first year I brought my boyfriend home for the holidays."

17. Submitted by jaclync5:

"My freshman year of college I went to a New Year's Eve party. I had a 32 ounce cup of rum and Coke but as the party went on, I thought taking more drinks would be a good idea. Soon I was done with my whole cup and I began drinking spiked cider, and then the vodka shots came out. I wanted to make out with someone so I found a guy who I later found out was called 'crazy Steve' and we went upstairs. As I was making out with crazy Steve, I realized that I needed to throw up so I made a dash for the bathroom, threw up in the sink, and tried to clean it with my hands. Then I decided to lay in the bathtub until I felt better, but I passed out while people proceeded to pee beside me for the rest of the night. I remained there until 4:00 in the morning."

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