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31 Of The Most Important Moments From The "Friends" Reunion

"We really just fell in love and adored each other instantly."

Last night, five of the six Friends cast members reunited to honor James Burrows, a television director and Hollywood legend who has worked on shows like Cheers, Will & Grace, The Big Bang Theory, and of course, Friends.

While their interview, which was conducted by Andy Cohen, was only one part of the two-hour NBC special, there were still plenty of important moments that tugged at our heartstrings.

Here are 31 of the best moments:

1. When we caught our first glimpse of the Friends gang on camera.

2. And Schwimmer showed us what a ~real clap~ looks like.

3. When the camera panned to this adorable shot of LeBlanc and Aniston at their table.

At this point, Joey and Rach are award show pros.

4. When Courteney Cox's smile lit up the entire room.

5. When LeBlanc, Aniston, and Kudrow shared in this bout of laughter. LOL, amirite?!

6. When Matthew Perry KIND OF SHOWED UP!

(Damnit, London.)

7. And when he introduced the rest of his former cast members.

8. When the cast HELD HANDS as they took the stage together.

9. And strategically arranged who would sit where.

10. Especially when LeBlanc eventually helped Aniston to her seat.

11. When Jennifer Aniston talked about how much the six of them have really been through together.

12. And also mentioned how much their fans have meant to them.

13. When LeBlanc credited Burrows for shaping their close-knit, on-set friendships.

14. And Aniston recounted that they all became friends in real life pretty quickly.

15. She also shared that they'd all get together to watch the episodes in Season 1 when they aired.

16. When we learned that "The One With All the Poker" was inspired by the cast actually playing poker together in real life.

17. When LeBlanc and Aniston explained how the six of them would give each other notes and suggestions after watching one another's scenes.

18. Which was a tip that Cox picked up during her brief time on Seinfeld.

Ahhh, the '90s. What a time to be alive.

19. When they all dispelled the rumor that they had to sign contracts saying they'd never sleep with one another.

Nice try, Andy.

20. When Cox proudly stated that she ate lunch with Aniston and Kudrow every single day for 10 years.

21. And LeBlanc reminded her the guys apparently did that, too.

22. When Aniston explained how she almost played Cox's character.

23. When Lisa Kudrow asked David Schwimmer if he ever auditioned for James Burrows.

24. And hilariously cut him off when Schwimmer didn't actually answer her question. Classic Pheebs.

25. When LeBlanc said one of his favorite episodes is "The One With George Stephanopoulos" (Season 1, Episode 4), or, as he remembered it, "The episode where the boys went to a Ranger game and Ross was hit in the face with a puck."

And when he reenacted the iconic scene where Joey sat in the hospital waiting room and jokingly played around with the same hockey puck that hit Ross in the head.

26. When Aniston said she "forgot about that episode" and LeBlanc jokingly responded:

27. When Cox said one of her favorite Friends episodes is "The One With the Blackout" (Season 1, Episode 7), mostly because of Ross.

Nice choice, Mon.

28. When Aniston said she loved shooting flashback episodes.

Can you blame her?

29. When they explained how they could afford to live in that beautiful, West Village apartment. (Because apparently Andy Cohen didn't already know. Smh.)

30. When we realized they still have just as much chemistry as when they started filming the show over 20 years ago.

31. And when they genuinely looked happy to be back together.

Thanks for being there for us, Friends. 💞