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    The 27 Most Iconic "Friends" Scenes, According To Tumblr

    Tumblr went through their data and found the Friends GIFs and photos with the most notes. Here are the results.

    27. When Rachel and Ross got really, really drunk in Vegas.

    26. When Ross, Joey, and Chandler unanimously agreed.

    25. When Pheobe's dad's dog attacked Joey in upstate New York.

    24. When Rachel told Ross off for letting Monica think she permanently damaged his son.

    23. When Phoebe loved how sexy she was.

    245,889 notes

    22. When the Friends introduction showed the New York City skyline.

    21. When Joey promised not to tell anyone that Chandler and Monica were sleeping together.

    20. When Ross made a New Year's resolution.

    19. When Monica and Ross told on each other to their parents.

    261,348 notes

    18. When Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe all hung out in wedding dresses.

    17. When Joey didn't care.

    293,825 notes

    16. When Joey was excited about the most important thing at Chandler and Monica's wedding.

    15. When Ross and Rachel got hungry in the middle of their break-up.

    14. When Joey tried to do a magic trick.

    13. When Phoebe tried to make Rachel and Monica laugh instead of cry because Rachel was moving out.

    332,877 notes

    12. When Monica and Chandler got married and Ross was really happy for them.

    336,631 notes

    11. When shampoo exploded in Ross's luggage.

    10. When Phoebe finished the sentence, "If I were omnipotent for a day..."

    9. When Rachel was "so happy and not at all jealous" of Monica and Chandler's engagement.

    8. When Phoebe met Tag, Rachel's assistant and boyfriend, for the first time.

    430,479 notes

    7. When Joey moved out but still wanted Chandler to know he loved him.

    6. When Matthew Perry had a funny outtake.

    5. When Chandler nervously fake laughed.

    4. When Chandler wasn't all that great at being a matchmaker.

    534,759 notes

    3. When Jennifer Anniston and Matthew Perry both appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    2. When Joey couldn't resist eating a slice of pizza.

    604,913 notes

    1. And when Ross said the wrong name at his wedding to Emily.