23 Of Monica Geller's Most Iconic Lines On "Friends"

    I'm breezy!

    1. When she finally had sex for the first time in "The One That Could Have Been."

    2. When she covered up her relationship with Chandler:

    3. When she cleared up any confusion there was about who's the boss.

    4. When she was really, really stressed at work.

    5. When the dating life got her down.

    6. When she was the queen of tough love.

    7. When she was always the hostess.

    8. When she was honest about who she truly is.

    9. When she was afraid to let her guard down and get hurt again.

    10. When she tried her best to be ~chill~ and obviously failed.

    11. When she got stung by a jellyfish and was overcome with pain.

    12. When she had no tolerance for other people's annoying antics.

    13. When her parents saw her drunk for the first time.

    14. When she tried to encourage Chandler and be a positive force in his life.

    15. When all her friends were on her case, so she let them know what's up.

    16. When she educated Chandler about the seven erogenous zones.

    17. When she couldn't help but gloat.

    18. When she was beyond frustrated with Rachel for not knowing Chandler's job title.

    19. When she was in denial about being sick.

    20. When she knew all the answers.

    21. When she proposed to Chandler and told him how much she loved him.

    22. When she taught us all the most important lesson about life.

    23. And, most importantly, when she didn't even need words to deliver this important message.