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    Meet The Writer Behind The #LiterarySwag Movement

    Yahdon Israel is using social media to combine his two favorite things: fashion and books.

    Yahdon Israel is a writer who lives in New York City, and the 24-year-old is trying to engage more people who might not like to read.

    He posts photos and short videos on Instagram and Twitter of people who are reading and also look stylish, using the hashtag #LiterarySwag.

    "There was this paradox, for me, growing up: The kids who were cool didn't read; the kids who read weren't cool," Israel told BuzzFeed.

    Now the writer is trying to redefine how people think about reading and what's "cool."

    "[One day I was] sitting on the A train and this kid gets on with his Reeboks, camo pants, flannel shirt tied around his waist, and headphones," Israel explained.

    "I figured that if people would see people who they identified with reading, they'd want to do it too."

    Israel defines #LiterarySwag as "literature as style."

    "Books, bookstore visits and purchases, writer talks, my daily outfits — basically anything that has to do with literature is #LiterarySwag. Anything a writer wears is #LiterarySwag," he said.

    Similar to how actors are asked about their favorite designers on red carpets, Israel is trying to highlight fashion in the literary world by asking writers those same questions.

    "When I see writers, editors, and publishers, I ask them for their three favorite writers and three favorite designers or places they shop for clothes," he said.

    Israel hopes that people use #LiterarySwag as inspiration, and says he started the movement because he "wants to live in a world where kids are lining up outside of Strand the way they line up outside of Foot Locker when a pair of sneakers drop"

    "At the heart of this hashtag, there is a love and appreciation for people who read and write and a deeper desire to encourage more people to do so without feeling like they have to give something up."

    You can follow Yahdon Israel on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about #LiterarySwag.