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    Proof That A Hunger Games-Themed Wedding Is The Best Kind Of Wedding

    May the planning be ever in your favor.

    Wedding photographer David Lilly took pictures of what a Hunger Games-themed wedding could possibly look like.

    The photo shoot looks like it takes place in the Capitol, but even Cinna would approve of how dapper it is.

    And the bride's bouquet looks like wildflowers that could've been picked in District 12.

    Complete with the infamous Mockingjay symbol.

    After all, what better represents how revolutionary love is?

    You can channel your inner-Effie Trinket with glamour and accessories.

    And your guestbook could literally be a Hunger Games book.

    Or just leave the actual Catching Fire book on display for everyone to ogle.

    When it comes to food, think... fire.

    And of course, you don't want your guests to actually go hungry.

    Don't forget to have a less deadly version of nightlock on the menu that even Katniss and Peeta would eat.

    And a fiery centerpiece fit for a table in the Capitol.

    Whether you're marrying a Gale or a Peeta, the groom should absolutely rock a Mockingjay pin.

    Ahhhh, love.

    May the odds be ever in your favor.