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Marshall Eriksen's Best 25 Quotes On "How I Met Your Mother"

I'm cuddly, bitch. Deal with it!

25. When he forgot how to use his hands:

24. When Lily broke his heart:

23. When he tried to make law school sound like fun:

22. When he emphasized the importance of Star Wars:

21. When he knew exactly how cuddly he was:

20. When he inspired everyone else to be in a relationship like his:

19. When he turned "lawyered" into a verb:

18. When he was the most loyal husband in history:

17. When he showed his love and affection:

16. When he thought he saw Bigfoot in Central Park:

15. When he pulled off this slang:

14. When he showed his appreciation for food:

13. When he listened to important advice from others:

12. When he told his son, Marvin, that he'd always love him no matter what:

11. When he was an incredibly supportive friend to Ted:

10. When he made this confession about his high school days:

9. When he overreacted a little bit:

8. When he got high with Ted and tried to hide it from Lily:

7. When he celebrated Slapsgiving:

6. When he was ready for a challenge:

5. When he was obsessed with graphs:

4. When he started thinking about life's biggest questions:

3. When he tried to impart wisdom on a new generation of bar-going friends:

2. When he sang the lyrics to the most epic road trip song of all time:

1. When he loved Lily more than anyone else in the whole world: