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    21 Of Luke Danes' Best Lines On "Gilmore Girls"

    "Will you just stand still?"

    1. On happiness:

    2. On healthy eating:

    3. On personal space:

    4. On Stars Hollow:

    5. On his nephew, Jess:

    6. On Dean:

    7. On fashion:

    8. On life in general:

    9. On his love for Lorelai:

    10. On Lorelai, again:

    11. On being "all in":

    12. On the meaning of true partnership:

    13. On conspiracy theories:

    14. On the ~real~ father figure in Rory's life:

    15. On kids...and jam hands:

    16. On testing his patience:

    17. On selflessness:

    18. On tradition:

    19. On the power of emotions:

    20. On adulthood:

    21. On those four magic words: