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    Why Love Is The Best Thing You Can Do

    Because we all need a reminder sometimes.

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    Sometimes, when you get caught up in your own daily monotony and when you take a look at the crumbling world around you, it's easy to feel discouraged.

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    Enough struggle and hardship can surely inspire a disheartening amount of hate to live in your soul.

    But the thing about love is, it sums up our entire human existence because it's at the root of everything we do, or don't do.

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    No, not just a romantic kind of love — the kind of love you can buy on Valentine's Day or find in romantic comedies.

    However you experience love, it allows you to connect with other human beings and feel a sense of empathy.

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    When you show other people love, you can help them find the good and see the silver lining in an otherwise dark cluster of clouds. And when someone shows you love, you feel inspired to be who you really are. We're better off because of the people who love us and show us what love means through their actions, words, and thoughts, and the people we show love to are also better off for the same reasons.

    It's the best cycle anyone can ask to be a part of — love is something worth getting intertwined in.

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    It's OK to trust your outrage — in fact, you absolutely should — but remember when you're feeling angry and helpless to still try and act with love. On a larger level, demonstrating an authentic form of love can be the most radical and important form of justice. And on an individual level, love can simply make someone else smile or heal a broken heart.

    When you have love in your heart for other people and for yourself, it can give you kinder instincts.

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    That's why you should prioritize kindness and make decisions with good intentions. Love doesn't necessarily ensure that no one will ever get hurt or encounter unfortunate pain, but sometimes it's just the best we can do as individuals. Human beings are far from perfect, but we can live in a better world knowing we've acted out of love.

    So here's a pretty important life hack to keep in mind:

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