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    Steph Curry Predicted His Own Fate In A '90s Burger King Commercial

    Killin' the game since Day 1.

    Steph Curry is a man of many talents. First and foremost, he's a pretty decent basketball player.


    He's also a great dad to his daughters Riley and Ryan, and pretty much the best husband in the world to his wife, Ayesha.


    And the man also knows a thing or two about acting in commercials.

    Steph Curry recently appeared in this SportsCenter commercial with his dad, former NBA star Dell Curry, and his brother, Seth Curry, who plays on the Sacramento Kings.

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    But this wasn't the first time Curry appeared in a commercial with his dad!

    There's a Burger King commercial making the rounds on the internet with Steph and Dell Curry from the early '90s.

    We should've known all the way back then...

    ...that he'd turn into the amazing prodigy he is today.

    He knows, dad. He knows.

    Curry was a self-fulfilling prophecy!



    Guess it runs in the family.

    ABC / Via

    Watch the full commercial for yourself and look at how cute Curry was.

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    H/T Sports Illustrated

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