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    Kris Jenner Is A Savage And Stole Kathy Griffin's Emmys From Her House

    K.J. the GOAT.

    As all of us already know, Kris Jenner is one of the most badass, savage human beings walking around on planet Earth.


    Seriously — this woman is a killer.

    E! / Via

    And yesterday, in true K.J. form, she appeared in a video on Kathy Griffin's Instagram that shows her trying to steal the comedian's Emmy Awards.

    It looks like Griffin was in on the joke and all.

    Kathy Griffin / Via

    But we never ~actually~ see Kris give the awards back to her.

    Kathy Griffin / Via


    Kathy Griffin / Via


    Kathy Griffin / Via

    Kris Jenner: BAMF who doesn't give AF about your feelings since 1955.

    E! / Via

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