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Khloé Kardashian Went On A Chipotle Date And Proved She's Just Like Us

Don't worry, she knows guac is extra.

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Yesterday started off as an average day at a Houston Chipotle with some regular customers ordering their chicken burritos and chips and salsa...

Me Khloe and James @ Chipotle earlier.

...UNTIL Khloé Kardashian showed up with her new bae, James Harden.

Khloe kardashian at my job today 😍

And proved that no one is above loving Chipotle.

My cousin saw James Harden and Khloe Kardashian at Chipotle in Houston today. 👀

No matter how long the wait is.

James harden and Khloe kardashian spotted at chipotle today *all red nation cries 😢😥

Rumor has it they even paid extra for guac, because, well, she's Khloé Kardashian.

James harden and khloe kardashian were at my job lol

Thanks for showing us peasants we're not alone in our Chipotle obsession, Khlo.

Totally just saw James Harden and Khloe causally walk out of chipotle