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    Kendall Jenner Did A Photo Shoot With Marcel The Monkey From "Friends"

    The world is full of mysteries.

    Kendall Jenner is set to grace the March 2015 cover of Allure.

    Allure / Via

    And this behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot reveals something important and surprising:

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    The shoot also included a very special guest who took photos alongside Jenner.

    Allure / Via

    Marcel the monkey.

    Allure / Via

    Yes, the same monkey that played Ross's pet on Friends is posing with Kendall Jenner.


    For a national women's magazine.

    Allure / Via

    To be honest, it's hard to say who's looking hotter.

    Allure / Via

    Ross would probably be thrilled to know that Marcel's acting career has really taken off.

    h/t Huffington Post

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