21 J.K. Rowling Reactions For Everyday Situations

    Her face says it all.

    1. When someone's lying to your face and you don't have time for their bullshit.

    2. When you're feeling your look.

    3. When someone tries to mansplain to you.

    4. When someone spoils your favorite show before you've seen the newest episode.

    5. When your Starbucks barista spells your name right on your coffee cup.

    6. When you have a really juicy secret but promised you wouldn't tell.

    7. When someone shows up to a party wearing the same outfit as you.

    8. When your crush leaves their read receipts on but won't text you back.

    9. When another one of your Facebook friends from high school gets engaged.

    10. When your friends cancel plans and you get to watch Netflix in bed instead.

    11. When you show up late to work and run into your boss in the elevator.

    12. When someone you just met makes a sexist, racist, or homophobic joke in front of you.

    13. When you're gossiping about bae and your friend asks you how big.

    14. When you finally locate the bartender who always gives you free shots.

    15. When your direct deposit hits your account the night before your rent is due.

    16. When you run into your ex and they look better than you.

    17. When you get away with farting in public.

    18. When someone asks if you want to get salad for lunch.

    19. When your parents ask you why you never listen to their voicemails.

    20. When Chipotle gives you extra guac for free.

    21. When you realize you're never going to get your Hogwarts letter.