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Ja Rule Thinks "We Need To Start Paying Close Attention To North Korea"

Good to know, Ja.

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Ja Rule is a man of many talents. He's given countless amazing performances over the past couple of decades.

Ja Rule / Via

Not to mention, he's responsible for some of the best love songs that defined the early '00s.


But now, we can also think about Ja as foreign policy expert of sorts.

Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images

Last night, he tweeted that he couldn't sleep.

Ja Rule / Via Twitter: @Ruleyork

(That's always the worst.)

Ja Rule / Via Twitter: @Ruleyork

Maybe the rapper was so restless he started reading up on international affairs or watching news segments, because the next thing he tweeted was about how, "We need to start paying close attention to North Korea."

Ja Rule / Via Twitter: @Ruleyork

Can the U.S. handle a Ja Rule presidency??

Ja Rule / Via Twitter: @Ruleyork

After another Twitter user put his mind at ease, Ja Rule was so impressed he promised her his vote when she runs for president.

Ja Rule / Via Twitter: @Ruleyork

Thanks for the input, Ja!


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