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If You Told Your Grandparents The Truth About Why You're Single

Dating isn't quite the same as it was in 1950.

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I've actually been seeing the same person for a few months now, but he just won't commit to me.

Tinder is a cesspool of indecency where love goes to die.

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The person who spent the night at my place on Friday night won't return my texts.

Netflix is way less likely to cheat on me or hog all the covers at night.

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The only messages I get on OKCupid are from 26% matches.

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The last hottie I went on a date with made me send him $4 on Venmo for a beer.

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All my friends have tried to set me up, but I'm extremely awkward on blind dates.

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The only people sliding into my DMs are creepy trolls who hate my internet presence.

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The first person I've actually liked in six months started ghosting on me.

The last person I hooked up with won't stop hitting on my friends.

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I'm actually in love with one of my friends who's happily in a serious relationship.

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My ex won't stop sliding into my Facebook messages.

I have more fun getting drunk on Saturdays with my friends than being with the same, boring person.

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My only current crush is my adorably married co-worker.

I've given up all hope on love and romance.

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I value my independence and alone time above all else.

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The world is full of fuckboys.

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