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    Matt LeBlanc Gushed About His Friendship With Matthew Perry And Now I'm Dead


    While all of the characters on Friends make up some of the most epic friendships in TV history, Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing truly had something special.


    Their relationship on the show was nothing short of adorable.

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    But it's not just fictional! All of the actors on Friends get along famously off set.

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    And even though it's been 12 years since the series finale, they all still love each other.


    This was made evident, yet again, when Matt LeBlanc (Joey) made an appearance on a recent panel at the Television Critics Association press tour and ended up gushing a little bit about Matthew Perry (Chandler).

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    When he was asked if he ever runs into his old castmate while they're both filming their CBS shows, LeBlanc responded, "I saw him yesterday."

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    Apparently, LeBlanc's new CBS series, Man With a Plan, and Perry's The Odd Couple film one stage away from each other.

    "I could not see him for five years, and then put me in a room with him, and it will be like I saw him yesterday," he continued.

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    "We still have this shorthand with one another. It’s amazing, really. Ten years in a building with no windows, with the door locked, we got to know each other pretty well."

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    "I love that guy."

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    Of course, LeBlanc didn't leave out the rest of his friends from Friends, either. "I love all five of those people," he said. "We spend a lot of time together."

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    BRB while I die a slow death from a major heart explosion.

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    H/T: Us Weekly

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