29 Of Rachel Green's Most Iconic Lines On "Friends"

    No uterus, no opinion!

    1. When she tried to come up with a metaphor for her life:

    2. When she finally became a financially independent woman:

    3. When life came at her fast:

    4. When she was going through a tough time:

    5. When she accurately summed up the game of poker:

    6. When she tried to put on a happy face even though she was disappointed:

    7. When Rachel told Monica she was being a bad friend:

    8. When she realized being an adult is hard:

    9. When she drunk dialed Ross, even though she was on a date with someone else:

    10. When she finally told Ross she had feelings for him:

    11. When she found Ross' list of reasons not to be with her:

    12. When she told Ross the cold, hard truth about their break-up:

    13. When she really let Ross have it:

    14. When she struggled to make good decisions:

    15. When Rachel had the most gorgeous assistant at work:

    16. When she made fun of how many times Ross got married:

    17. When Monica and Chandler got engaged:

    18. When she had no chill with Ross' girlfriend, Charlie:

    19. When she beat Ross at his own game of Unagi:

    20. When she was very, very single:

    21. When she overpaid for her cat, Mrs. Whiskerson:

    22. When she tried (and failed) to remain calm:

    23. When she spoke for all womankind:

    24. When Ross drew on her face on their way to Las Vegas:

    25. When nothing went her way:

    26. When she was jealous of Ross flirting with the cashier at the baby store:

    27. When she had no patience:

    28. When she was all, "Ross and Rachel forever:"

    29. When Rachel said the most iconic five words in TV history: