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    The 25 Best Lines From Rory Gilmore On "Gilmore Girls"

    "I need my mommy and I don't care who knows it."

    25. When Rory had to wake up early for a college football game:

    24. When she thought her relationship with coffee was over for good:

    23. When life got too real:

    22. When she spread the truth on campus:

    21. When Rory learned about that whole internet thing:

    20. When she tried to teach her high school host student what college was ~ really ~ about:

    19. When Rory cared more about her books' feelings than anything else in the world:

    18. When she commiserated with Paris about how much boys suck:

    17. When she wasn't too sure about her college roommates:

    16. When Rory was terrible at flirting:

    15. When she let Dean in on her book addiction:

    14. When she had the perfect non-response:

    13. When disaster struck right before her first major Chilton exam:

    12. When Rory put Lorelai on blast:

    11. When she finally let herself be sad about her break up from Dean:

    10. When Rory loved Stars Hollow too much to act like "the anti-town girl:"

    9. When Rory ran into the same problem every girl experiences on a Friday night:

    8. When she made this confession to Jess after he skipped town on her:

    7. When Rory graduated from high school as valedictorian and thanked her mom:

    6. When books were her one, true love:

    5. When Rory Gilmore was every single one of us:

    4. When Rory wasn't afraid to admit she needed her mommy:

    3. When Rory told Dean she loved him for the first time:

    2. When Rory had her priorities in order:

    1. And most importantly, when Rory reassured Lorelai that was she was well prepared for the real world, all thanks to her.


    We originally included a different quote for number 22 that was actually said by Paris, one of Rory's best friends. The post has been changed to include a quote that Rory said herself.